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About the artist

I trained as an artist firstly at the Berkshire College of Art in Maidenhead and following that at Camberwell School of Art in London. At Camberwell there was a great emphasis on drawing.  I was taught there by Robert Medley, Richard Eurich, Dick Lee and Euan Uglow.  Euan Uglow taught drawing and, as one might expect, really insisted on accuracy.

For many years I worked as a museum curator in social history and I think the influence of this and my interest in architecture is evident in my work, particularly in my topographical prints. Whilst many of these prints are of historic buildings I do like to include contemporary elements to give a sense of continuity and set them in our own time.

In my paintings I look for subjects with strong construction and pattern. Colour is an important element in my work where it plays a structural role. I try to find a way of describing objects in a simple almost graphic way.  Whilst my paintings are constructed and not strict renderings of things in front of me I still want to convey a sense of light.

My sketchbooks serve two purposes; some, like those of many artists, I use for ideas and drawings towards paintings or prints, others are records of things seen on my travels in the U.K. and abroad.  The majority of drawings in these travel books are of buildings and townscapes.  I try in these drawings to express what it was that made me stop and look in the first place and to convey the drama of the scene in front of me.

Selected Previous Exhibitions

  • Gallery Five, Reading
  • Norwich Arts Centre
  • Contact Gallery, Norwich
  • Alba Gallery, Kew, London
  • Blackheath Gallery, London
  • Holland Gallery, London
  • Royal Academy
  • Brighton Artists’ Gallery
  • Brighton Pavilion Contemporary Art Gallery
  • King of Hearts, Norwich
  • Lowestoft College of Art
  • Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury, Suffolk
  • Castle Museum, Norwich
  • Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk
  • Last Gallery, Zurich
  • Lynn Strover Gallery, Fen Ditton, Cambridge
  • Grapevine Gallery, Norwich
  • Bloxham Galleries, Clapham, London
  • Salthouse, Norfolk
  • Halle aux Toiles, Rouen
  • Wymondham Arts Centre


david jones
david jones with press

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